John Benincasa

Senior Guide

Wilderness First Responder
NY State Licensed Guide

John has a wealth of mountaineering, backpacking, and hiking experience, having explored the outdoors all over the world. But what makes him an amazing guide is not only his expertise but also his passion for all things wilderness and his never-ending desire to share it with others. His thoughtfulness, compassion, and kind spirit make him the perfect teacher in the back country, to both youths and adults.

John in his own words:

Home: Brooklyn (proudly Jersey-born and raised)
Favorite outdoor activity (tie): backpacking, hiking, climbing, biking, paddling
Least favorite outdoor activity: trying to find a parking spot in Brooklyn
Favorite back country: eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada
Dream car: Shelby Cobra (the 427, not the dinky 289)
Actual car: 2011 Subaru with a homemade roof rack
Dream job: Back country guiding across the US and sharing wild places with adults and youths, regardless of experience
Actual job: (see above)
Best outdoor trip (so far): high altitude mountaineering in the Peruvian Andes (2x and counting)
Dream outdoor trips: Alpine climbing in New Zealand, Ethiopian highlands, Dominica, Himalayas, Greenland,……

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