Peter Maccario


Wilderness First Responder

Peter is originally from just outside of Toronto, Canada but has called New York home for the last couple years. Since he was young, he loved camping and hiking around Ontario and Canada and has had the fortune to travel the world to hike around Europe and Asia. His love for hiking is equally matched by his passion for bouldering and sport climbing, which has taken him across the U.S and internationally to climb beautiful crags with friends and family. You will find Peter out in the parks and on trails every free moment he has beyond his day job, because he truly believes in the transformational power the outdoors holds for individuals. Last year he started a personal project which documents the collective narrative of the outdoors and the importance it has for so many people. He hopes through this project and his guiding he can encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors and recognize the importance of protecting it for future generations. He currently has his sights set on the Appalachian Trail as his next hiking goal.

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